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V2 Cigs Review

| 2013/05/24

Since its inception a few short years ago, this outstanding supplier has grown quickly and continues to shine in the world of electronic cigarettes. During V2 Cigs’ first year in business, the company encountered a few problems. Most of them involved supply chain logistics that caused some orders to be delayed. In addition, their website did not provide a very good user experience. But those relatively minor issues are behind them now, and the company operates seamlessly, providing superior innovations, technology, and customer service.


An Independent and Detailed V2 Cigs Review

If you want solid evidence of the quality that V2 Cigs provides, all you have to do is take a peek at the statistics available at Alexa.com. As the premier authority on statistics on the Internet, this website reveals that V2 Cigs enjoys the number one ranking amongst electronic cigarette companies currently providing products in the United States.

While we are all aware that the biggest company is not always the best, frequently, the giants in any industry (some examples are Budweiser and Microsoft) continue to produce inferior products but market them so well that their companies continue to grow and their bottom lines swell.

If you are interested in one of the best E-Cigs, V2 Cigs will not disappoint.

Certainly there are exceptions, and while comparing an e-cig company to Apple Computers may seem odd, this is the first thing I thought of when I opened my new ultimate starter kit and saw how much attention was paid to detail in all aspects of the product, from the design of the package to the performance of the product.

The secret to V2 Cigs’ success is actually very simple. Users of e-cigarettes are interested in finding a product that is excellent in one main aspect: it must satisfy their smoking cravings, thereby providing them with an alternative to tobacco cigarettes that they can use on a PERMANENT basis.

There are many other features and benefits when it comes to e-cigs, but many brands do not even cover this basic requirement. Companies such as Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, and NJOY spend much more money on marketing than they do on improving their products, and V2 is obviously superior to all of them with regard to the most important aspect — the product.







What is behind the success of V2 Cigs?

The high quality of its merchandise is the primary reason that V2 Cigs catapulted in popularity and remains as popular as it does. The firm is simply not satisfied by being ‘good enough.’ In its quest to design a better E-Cig, the company works tirelessly on research and development. In addition, the company provides its own line of top-notch E-liquids, outstanding accessories, and a wide variety of starter kits to meet the needs of each new vaper. Include the company’s top-notch customer service, and you have a combination that cannot be matched.

Product Quality is a Priority for V2 Cigsv2-awesomeproductspic

V2 Cigs owes its current success as a leader in the industry to the fact that their products provide superior E-Cigarette technology, and quality protection standards and user experience. As time has passed, the V2 Electronic Cigarette has changed and improved. From its inception, the company made sure that its E-Cigarette was not only convenient to use, but also provided the most satisfying experience possible. To do this, the company employed the most up-to-date aspects of proven ‘vaping’ technology.

OTHER ECig Brands Do Not Make the Grade

While it may appear obvious that this is an aspect that deserves emphasis, many other major brands fall short in this important area. You would be hard pressed to find another E-cig available that is simpler to use, has a better performance, or that is more satisfying — especially not at this very reasonable price. A number of other e-cig brands have continued to rely on the same out-of-date and unimpressive technology from several years ago, while spending big bucks on brand recognition and marketing.



V2 Concentrates on Providing an Outstanding Product and Overall User Experience

Many users are still unfamiliar with electronic smoking, and it takes some time to adjust and learn about what it is involved. Being able to easily access support personnel who are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful is of primary importance to many people so that they know they can obtain reliable help with any questions, concerns, or problems that may arise. Particularly when it comes to technical products such as e-cigs, outstanding customer service and support often take a back seat.

Unfortunately, customer service at most other brands is sorely lacking. The same can be said for the ordering process. Particularly in the last year, V2 has concentrated on providing efficient shipping, professional packaging, clear instructions, and implementing safety precautions. These aspects are all important but are frequently ignored by reviewers and other e-cig manufacturers.


Open Standards and Flexibility – V2 Cigs offers a number of options.

  • Battery options of style and length are available. The short battery is 100mm. The standard battery is 110mm. The long version measures 140mm. You can choose manual or automatic batteries, regardless of the size you select.
  • When you use an automatic battery, vapor is produced as you inhale. When you use manual batteries, it is necessary that you press a button. It all depends on your preferences.
  • Some people feel that they consistently get a thicker vapor when they utilize manual batteries. However, automatic batteries are extremely convenient. Many people like to have a choice, and some of the other brands offer only manual or only automatic batteries. Consumers have no choice in the matter.
  • V2 batteries range in price from $20 for a short battery to just $30 for a long battery. These prices are quite reasonable, but considering the quality that V2 Cigs provide, it is fairly obvious that they provide true value.

Without a Doubt, the Vaping Products and Electronic Cigarettes Produced By V2 Rock!medium-box-cartomizer-refills-v2-150x150medium-box-cartomizer-eliquid-blanks-150x150



An In-Depth Examination of V2 Cigs Products


Review of V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is one of the most sizzling brands currently available in the e-Cig industry. The company is making quite a splash within the industry. It has a reputation for offering cutting-edge technology at reasonable prices. While each e-cig company claims to be the best, in the case of V2 Cigs, this claim is actually true.

The leading site that provides Internet statistics, alexa.com, ranked V2 Cigs as number one. What is the reason that V2 Cigs enjoys such high levels of popularity? That is not difficult to understand. The company provides everything required to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and begin vaping, so that you can be healthier and have a happier life! PLUS, the prices are truly affordable!!





No Other Company Offers Starter Kits That Match Those of V2 Cigs


An All-Encompassing Review of V2 Cigs With a 2012 Update Relaunch of V2Cigs.com

The E-Cig starter kits offered by the company are outstanding. In addition to providing a number of nicotine cartridges that are flavored and refillable, the firm offers an exclusive line of e-liquids. One of the company’s best batteries on the market is the 4.2-volt battery that signifies one of its best and newest advances.

There is more to this brand’s claim to fame than the upgraded products, recent updates, and attractive prices. To give you an idea of the size and success of V2 Cigs, this company now partners with UPS.

Previously, only the United States postal service would agree to handle delivery of electronic cigarettes. This resulted in some E-Cig customers having a very long wait before receipt of their products. UPS, the largest shipping company in the world, offered to partner with V2 Cigs due to its stellar reputation.

V2 Cigs customer service will be further discussed in another part of this review. For now, I’d like to talk about the high quality level found in the superb products carried by V2 Cigs.





No Other Company Offers Starter Kits That Match Those of V2 Cigs


Get a Glimpse of the Line of Starter Kits Offered by V2

When selecting an electronic cigarette company, the primary consideration is the quality of the starter kits it offers. Take a peek at the wonderful line of starter kits that V2 offers. By assessing the quality of their starter kits, you can assess the quality of the E-Cig company.

In addition to the quality of the merchandise, consider what you get as well as the cost. Some companies merely buy chargers, cartridges/cartomizers, and batteries in bulk from a foreign country. They just repackage them and sell them at an enormous profit. Most of the starter kits that are currently available are actually the same. They merely place a different name on their packages.

But the V2 Cigs brand is one of a kind!  The products are assembled, tested, packaged, designed and supported by staff and in V2′s own facilities in America. They never stray from the high style and quality standards that V2 Cigs is known for. This means that when it comes to creating great starter kits, they are on the cutting edge.





Following is specific information regarding the excellent line of starter kits offered by V2 Cigs.

It goes without saying that the company’s electronic cigarettes are produced utilizing basic technology. The components of electronic cigarettes are cartridges, e-liquids, and a battery. These are things that are obviously utilized. A battery, a charger, and a few cartridges are included in the most basic starter kit.

Because V2 Cigs feature a range of options for starter kits, they do a superb job of providing the basics, all of which feature the brand’s stellar technology. As previously mentioned, these batteries are truly unique due to their matte finish.

A final touch of quality is added by the comfortable, V2 style finish. These delicious cartridges feature low resistance that allows for easy draw. The point that I am trying to make is that you will not be sorry if you buy a V2 starter kit. What the best brand out there will deliver is great flavors and a stellar electronic cigarette. With V2 cigs, you get variety as well as quality.

I came across v2cigs.com when I originally became involved with e-smoking, and the variety of starter kits really was impressive. As starter kits range from $189.95 down to $29.99, you can find a kit to suit your financial situation. The basic items for use of e-cigs are included in each starter kit, but other kits offer additional accessories such as a portable carrying case or a car charger. Those with higher price tags include extra batteries, more flavor cartridges, and so on. The more expensive kits include add-ons like additional flavor cartridges and more batteries.


V2 Cigs Express Kit – Most Outstanding CHEAP Electronic Cigarette Option Available Today

An excellent, low-cost Express Kit is available from V2 at a price of $25.98. Without a doubt, this starter kit is one of the least costly and best quality kits currently available. In this context, the word ‘cheap’ only refers to price, not quality. Only the bare necessities are included in this kit. It does not include a lot of extras. You receive one battery, one flavor cartridge, and one USB charger. The advantage of this is that it does not cost much and allows you to discover what accessories you want to purchase in the future.

Another nice thing is that once your first cartridge is empty, you simply order additional flavor cartridges. For just $25, you get a V2 charger of excellent quality as well as an e-cig. You won’t find a better deal than that! If you decide to purchase this kit, you should order a 5-pack of cartridges as well. While a flavor cartridge can last for a long time, once it is empty, you must await the arrival of the next one.



V2 Cigs Economy Kit: This starter kit is absolutely the best available! The price is $59.95, which is not a bad price for a high-quality e-cig starter kit that includes everything you need to get started. V2 Cigs will not disappoint you. While the price of the company’s economy starter kit is average in comparison to other brands, the product is of much better quality, and the company’s customer service is outstanding. A USB charger and a wall charger are both included in this kit. In addition, you receive a package of 10 flavor cartridges as well as a battery. This will be appreciated by anyone who is just getting started with E-smoking.

The price of the V2 notebook E-Cig is a mere $29.95. This is another excellent starter kit for under $30. This kit is a bit different than the Express Kit, and it is quite neat and tidy. This e-cig is powered by USB. Your computer is its sole source of energy! Following are some of the advantages of this kind of E-Cig: the vapor will remain strong, the battery will not run low, and the voltage will remain high. The downside is that you can’t bring it along anywhere without bringing your laptop as well, but I have, in fact, done this!

My friends got a big laugh out of it! When all is said and done, due to the lack of portability, it is not too convenient. This kit is a notch above the express version and provides you with a five pack of flavor cartridges in whichever flavors you want. Heavy computer users really like this option. I am quite partial to USB pass-through e-cigs. You can also add a regular e-cig if you are interested in additional portability. It is possible to obtain individual V2 batteries for just $19.95.

v2-cigs-flexibilityV2 starter kits may cost you a bit more money, but they provide you with everything necessary.

This is an excellent option if you have limited funds at first, but eventually you will want to own all the excellent equipment and accessories that V2 provides, and that is discussed here. While five kits are available, I am only reviewing the kits at either end of the price spectrum: the Economy Kit and the Ultimate Kit. The other kits are similar but include variations on the chargers, cartomizers, and accessories. Just pay a visit to the website to obtain all the information you need with regard to V2 Cigs starter kits.

The Economy Kit by V2 Cigs: The price is $59.95, which is reasonable for an e-cig starter kit that includes everything you need. V2 Cigs will not disappoint you. While the price of the company’s economy starter kit is average, it provides much better quality and offers outstanding customer service. A USB charger as well as a wall charger come standard with this kit. In addition, you receive a package of 10 flavor cartridges as well as a battery. This is ideal for a person who is just getting started with E smoking.




The V2 CIGS ULTIMATE Kit Will Satisfy All Your Needs For Quite Some Time.

This starter kit is truly the most luxurious one available, and it is priced at $189.95. While it may sound like a lot of money at first glance, if you compare the price to that of tobacco cigarettes, you realize what a bargain it truly is. While the cost is similar to what you would spend on 24 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes, this lasts much longer! This kit is simply wonderful! You are sure to agree that it is worth every penny when you consider all the outstanding accessories and options that are included. You can select one of three batteries. For each one, you can specify the size and whether you want a manual or automatic model. You will receive five 5-packs of cartridges in your choice of strengths and flavors. You will also receive two carrying cases. One is merely a carrying case, while the other includes charging capabilities. You will receive a V2 charger kit as well as a car adapter. In addition, you will receive a V2 Power Cig. This electronic cigarette is entirely USB powered. It’s not hard to figure out why this kit is such a good value!

All about the V2 Battery

An outstanding battery is the basis of every outstanding electronic cigarette. The batteries offered by V2 Cigs beat all other products currently available for sale. The 4.2 volt battery is powerful enough to provide lots of power for vapers over a long period of time. The basis of this powerful miniature battery is the KR808D-1 styling that is utilized in a number of E-Cigs, but V2 Cigs has modified the battery so that it is head and shoulders above the competition. The comfortable and smooth matte finish is one of the most outstanding features of this powerful new battery. Unlike other E-Cigs that have slippery, hard metallic finishes, the brand new V2 Cigs battery feels nice to the touch, is easy to hold, and is not likely to slip out of your grasp. With the new finish, V2 Cigs provides a classy, unique product to the realm of E-Cigs. Something else that makes this brand new miniature E-Cig battery unique is the amount of time that it can hold a charge. The majority of miniature E-Cig batteries are not known for their long and powerful performance; however, this is not the case when it comes to the V2 Cigs new addition. This powerful 4.2-volt mini battery allows you to vape throughout the entire day while enjoying outstanding performance and plenty of vapor that is thick, rich, and satisfying.

Cartridges Available From V2 Cigs: Prefilled nicotine cartridges, also referred to as cartomizers, are offered by all E-Cig companies, and V2 Cigs is no exception. One big difference between V2 Cigs and its competition is that its cartomizers are available in a wide variety of flavors and cost less than most other brands.


Outstanding Flavors Are Available From V2 Cigs!

There is no doubt that this company offers the best flavors in the industry, even though it may not offer the largest variety. Some brands offer a wide variety of flavors, but none of them tastes that good. This is not the case with V2. Although they do not provide a large selection, the product selection is good. V2 e-liquid flavors are divided into three categories: Rich Tobacco, Specialty, and Cool Menthol. Following is a LIST that can help you understand the various groupings and the flavors they include. Next, to aid you in selecting the flavors that you want to try, I am going to tell you how I liked the flavors that I sampled.

V2 Red, Menthol, Peppermint, Congress, Sahara, and Cool Menthol are included in the rich tobacco flavors. V2 Cola, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cherry are among the specialty flavors.

Obviously, the selection is somewhat light. However, the list is quite solid. Truthfully, you will not require any flavors other than these. Each user is sure to find a flavor he or she loves! I personally find the specialty flavors preferable to the tobacco or menthol flavors. I want to have the options to change flavors and sample some intriguing options such as cherry and vanilla. I tried the following V2 e-liquids: V2 Cola, Coffee, V2 Red, Vanilla, and Cherry. Since I am partial to V2 e-cigs, I liked all of them! While I am not a fan of the Cola flavors offered by other brands, I particularly enjoy the V2 Cola. I was also partial to Cherry and Vanilla. Every flavor was different and extremely tasty.

Comparison of Price Between V2 and Other Brands

The price of V2 cartridges is around $1.69 apiece. The coompany website provides a comparison chart on which you can clearly see how the cost of the V2 Cigs e-Cig cartridges compares to that of other brands. Following is a guide that provides specific information with regard to pricing. Following are the prices for the nicotine cartridges: a pack of five costs $12.95; a pack of 20 costs $44.95; a pack of 40 costs $66.47; a pack of 80 costs $129.95; and a pack of 100 costs $225. These are outstanding prices! This is particularly the case when you take into consideration the wonderful flavors and top-quality cartomizers that V2 Cigs provides. The company is currently running a special on Passion Fruit, a special edition flavor. You can purchase a five pack of this flavor for only $9.95.

The pre-filled nicotine cartridges are perfect for those who don’t have the time or don’t like to mess with refills. Plus, the flavor seems to be enhanced when the cartridge does not need to be refilled. Those are my thoughts, anyway. But if you are interested in giving e-liquids a try, you are bound to be pleased with V2 Cigs’ brand new line. When it comes to utilizing E-Liquid that is of high quality, it is possible to save a great deal of money through resaling. You can also give a number of interesting flavors a try.

Enjoy Huge Savings On Starter Kits and Accessories for V2 Cigs by Utilizing a V2 Cigs Coupon

For those who are interested in switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes, V2 Cigs is an electronic cigarette brand that is popular. Our V2 Cigs coupon allows you to save money on various starter kits and accessories sold by V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs is the most reputable e-Cigarette company around.

Following are some of the reasons that this is the case:

• An expert team of ex-smokers who were interested in developing an electronic cigarette that provided a similar experience to regular cigarettes created V2 Cigs.
• A wide variety of flavors, kits, and accessories is available through the V2 Cig brand.
• Every E-Cigarette provides the appearance and feel of a cigarette that contains tobacco, but they lack the dangers inherent in tobacco cigarettes.

The Impact that V2 Cigs Has Had on the Electronic Cigarette Industry

In only a few years’ time, electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity. It is a well-known fact that tobacco cigarettes contain carcinogens, chemicals, and other substances that can cause lethal harm to the body when used over time. An eco-friendly alternative to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes keep your lungs as well as the environment free of tar, ashy residue, and smoke that smells disgusting. There is no secondhand smoke-related risk when electronic cigarettes are smoked in the presence of others, which is not the case with traditional tobacco cigarettes.

When you use V2 Cigs, you will realize how good an electronic cigarette can be due to its build quality that is second to none, outstanding performance, and innovative technology. V2 Cigs’ many loyal customers are well aware that the company provides quality products.

The fact that V2 Cigs is a leader in the E-Cig industry presently is not surprising, as it easily surpasses other brands in a number of ways such as:

• No other company produces an E-Liquid that surpasses that of V2 Cigs. Any of the company’s e-Cigarettes produces an extremely thick amount of vapor during moderate use.
• The design and manufacture of each of the company’s products take place on-site at one of its special manufacturing plants.
• To ensure superior performance, every cartomizer, atomizer, and flavor cartridge undergoes rigorous testing and conforms to thorough product control standards.

Purchase V2 Cigs at a Discount When You Utilize V2 Cigs Coupons, Such as EVAPE20

When you utilize a V2 Cigs Coupon Code , you are receiving a quality electronic cigarette at a very low price. Thanks to the V2 Cigs coupon, it is possible to purchase V2 Cigs e-Cigarettes, the leader in the e-cig industry, at a price that is attractive in comparison to the cost of traditional cigarettes that contain tobacco. People on limited budgets are grateful for the V2 Cigs coupon. It is a well-known fact that the cost involved in getting started with electronic cigarettes can be a factor when it comes to selecting a smoking alternative that is healthier and cleaner. When you add the V2 Cigs coupon to the mix, making the change is even easier, as the prices are extremely attractive. Use the V2 Cigs coupon right away for big savings when you buy V2 Cigs, whether you are switching from using traditional tobacco or you want to give a different brand a try.



FINAL Review of the Features of V2 Cigs Summary


Summary: As the company continues the drive to remain the leader in the industry, V2 recently updated its product line and its website, V2Cigs.com. The ordering process, especially the ability to customize the V2 starter kit orders, has become far more streamlined, efficient, and easy to use.

With its commitment to cutting-edge technology, V2 Cigs is the leader in the Electronic Cigarette industry. Its products are simple to use, offer outstanding performance, and are a great value. Effective and convenient, V2 Cigs provides smokers with a viable alternative that offers the vapor satisfaction that they crave. This is something that other brands lack, but it is the one thing that can induce people to continue vaping instead of returning to smoking tobacco cigarettes.



V2′s Customer Service is Unparalleled


When it comes to electronic cigarettes, customer service is generally mediocre, and sometimes it is just plain awful. However, there is a need for good customer service in the industry, as many novices require assistance when starting out, both before and after buying the product. The trained and knowledgeable customer support reps at V2 Cigs, offering extended hours of service, can help you with any of your requirements via phone, online chat, or email. This is something that truly makes this company stand out, and I can vouch for their excellence after spending more than an hour testing the knowledge of their reps!

Last of all, this brand is our top choice when it comes to E-Cigarettes for so many reasons including the fact that it offers a 30-Day Money Back guarantee. In addition, all of the electronic components (everything except for the refills) are covered by an UNBELIEVABLE Lifetime Warranty, which means that you can get a FREE battery replacement should the need arise, so you never have to worry! For us, it’s a no-brainer. When it comes to buying an electronic cigarette with outstanding performance that is produced by a solid company that has its customers’ best interests at heart and that boasts thousands of happy customers, V2 Cigs is the go-to company for 2012.v2-americas-no-1-whitereviewversion




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