USA-Made E-Cigarettes: 10 Excellent Choices

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It is no secret that electronic cigarettes were invented by the Chinese, but in recent years, USA-Made E-Cigarettes have begun to make their mark on the industry. This is despite the fact that many Chinese manufacturers have gained tremendous head start on the worldwide competition. The emergence however of other manufacturers has made the electronic cigarette industry healthier because of the variety of choices that have been made available to vapers.

Aside from the potential employment of Americans, the USA-Made E-Cigarettes deliver some distinct features not readily available in [WPMSHOT key=”electronic cigarette brands” url=””] manufactured abroad. The rated output of the batteries can also be fairly better compared to some Chinese-made counterparts, which makes them better choices for dipping below the under load. The difference is that the batteries of electronic cigarettes made in the United States normally use high quality lithium manganese, which makes for steadier output. Some excellent choices of USA-Made E-Cigarettes are:


• ProVape ProVari

One of the better known electronic cigarettes manufactured in the United States, it is known for its reliability and awesome performance. It is one of the USA-Made E-Cigarettes that features a voltage booster that allows the vaper to set the output. Unlike other electronic cigarettes, there is no noticeable decrease in the production of vapor as the battery begins to drain. With everything fitting together seamlessly, it is easy to conclude that there is substantial quality control that goes into its production.


• Sparki SP3

One of the smallest and least expensive electronic cigarettes manufactured in the United States, it features an excellent battery life with a corresponding high quality production of vapor. The design though is not as exquisite or elegant as other electronic cigarette brands in the market, but in terms of reliability and performance, it more than does the job. The 3.6 volts, 800 mAh battery is more than enough to ensure an excellent vaping experience for its affordable price.


• Icon

This electronic cigarette makes use of a three-part design that is made up of a removable top and bottom portion with a bottom button that is used for firing the cartomizer or atomizer. Featuring a stainless steel body, it gives vapers a choice between 501 and 801 threading depending on their preference. The choice of stainless steel in the construction is perceived to make the electronic cigarette more durable compared to other brands made in the United States.


• Buzz Pro

A unique variable voltage electronic cigarette, it can achieve voltage ranges of anywhere from 3.3 to 5.5 volts. It is one of the USA-Made E-Cigarettes that can achieve high power levels with the use of two batteries that are stacked in series. It has a simpler design that comes at a relatively lower price than other electronic cigarette brands made in the United States. Some vapers however have a concern on just how safe it is to use two batteries in a series.


• GLV-3

The design of this electronic cigarette is quite interesting because it can be used either as a standard tube-shaped mod or with a connection to a box that has a bottle used to feed e-liquid to the heating element located at the bottom portion. The box configuration allows for as much as 10 ml of e-liquid to be loaded, which would be good for approximately one week usage depending on the vaping habits of the user.


• Omega

Making use of the 510 atomizer connection, it features a large mod that can adequately fit a huge 18650 battery. It is available in a number of interesting colors like pink, black, chrome, and black with silver speckles. The design is quite interesting in the sense that the top portion functions as the activation switch. One of its distinguishing features would have to be its excellent battery life, which is essential for an excellent vaping experience.


• Silver Bullet

Undoubtedly, one of the more popular among the brands manufactured in the United States, it gives vapers two options of batteries that can be used with the unit. Many vapers appreciate the excellent design that features a slightly recessed activation button. The unit comes in various colors and is covered by a six month warranty. Vapers should be aware that the activation button is mechanical, which means that a bit more pressure may be required.


• Darwin

Although quite expensive, it is a bit intriguing that it almost always seems to be out of stock. The unusual design is combined with a 510 threaded cartomizer or atomizer. This electronic cigarette brand makes use of power regulation with high over current limit associated with its lithium polymer batteries. Battery replacement is also quite challenging because the unit has to be sent back to the manufacturer for battery replacement.


• XHaler

If uniqueness is important, then the 28 varying colors offered by this electronic cigarette should be quite enough. The use of the 510 threading makes it compatible with many accessories in the market. The package also includes 801 and 901 adapters for expanded options for the accessories. Some vapers may find it a bit awkward to use with its side mounted button placed at the bottom portion of the unit. It is presumed that the battery life of the unit is quite good, which is consistent with electronic cigarettes made in the United States.


• PrecisePlus

Considered as rather expensive among electronic cigarettes made in the United States with similar designs, it features an activation button at the bottom of the unit. Higher end models make use of locking activation switches to ensure that misfires are prevented. The unit also comes with a lifetime warranty for the elegant finish of the electronic cigarette.


This means that when the unit gets scratched or banged up after its long-term use, vapers can send the unit back to have it reconditioned free of charge. Vapers would also be glad to note that the atomizer contacts, battery, and switch are all made of gold-plated rhodium for optimum performance.

Regardless whether you are a novice or advanced vaper, these are excellent choices for USA-Made E-Cigarettes.

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