Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for Gurgling, Bubbling, and other Common E-Cigarette Problems

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So you’ve finally got a hold of the electronic cigarette that everybody has been raving about. It claims to be a more pleasant alternative to traditional tobacco smoking since it does not produce tar, smoke, carcinogens, and second-hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes will basically enable you to replicate the act of smoking without the nasty by-products from burning tobacco. It provides the same amount of satisfaction plus the option of choosing from hundreds of e-liquid flavors. You get the same throat hit, vapor, but with the variation in flavor and nicotine concentration. It is a truly remarkable invention that has helped thousands of people quit the nasty habit that is smoking.


The electronic cigarette design was first released in 2003 by a Chinese innovator and was then replicated by e-cigarette manufacturers the world over. The original electronic cigarette design is made from three components namely the battery, atomizer, and cartridge. To increase efficiency and ease of use, companies went on to create a two-piece e-cig model made from battery and a cartomizer; that which is a hybrid which combines the function of an atomizer and cartridge. Despite the many versions of the electronic cigarette since its inception over eight years ago, there really hasn’t been much improvement on the basic engineering principles of e-cigarette making.


The problems and technical issues that users encounter with its use are pretty much similar with each other, thus integral troubleshooting tips across all e-cigs from manufacturers are most often one and the same. This makes it relatively easy to solve basic and simple problems that user encounter when they are e-cig vaping.


One of the most common problems that e-cig users encounter is that their [WPMSHOT key=”smokeless cigarettes” url=””] produce weird sounds. Gurgling, bopping, and bubbling are symptoms which tell users that something needs to be fixed. The sense of urgency is high, especially if you would like to save money on the long haul. Ignoring atypical sounds when you vape surely leads to slow but absolute degradation of e-cigarette components and parts. Instead of saving a significant amount of money, you are left to choose between two things: buy another starter kit or go back to traditional tobacco smoking instead. But do not fear, you can do a lot of things to fix basic problems with your e-cigs. With a little know-how, you will be able to solve the problem so you can use your e-cigs with pure satisfaction hours on end.


• Gurgling sound


The gurgling sound which one hears when taking a draw from the electronic cigarette may be caused by a number of things.



• Fresh cartridge

A fresh cartridge or a brand new electronic cigarette may be causing the gurgling sound. All first-time users will find this to be true and the gurgling sound will disappear after a few draws. Just like any brand new device, you will need to break in your new electronic cigarette. Any sound that the e-cigarette makes during the first few minutes will slowly decrease overtime. The sound is due to the air that is being drawn in through the atomizer. Remember that you need to change the cartomizer or cartridge after a few puffs as brand new units are installed with a sample unit only which contains a small amount of liquid nicotine. The sound may subside, but you may experience a dry, unpleasant throat hit when you continue to inhale though the sample unit.


• E-juice overload

The gurgling sound that most electronic cigarette users hear when taking a draw is most commonly caused by an overfilled atomizer. To ensure the longevity of electronic cigarette parts, make sure to fill or drip the atomizer with just the right amount of liquid nicotine. Do not fill it to the brim or to its maximum capacity as this will render your device non-functional after a few uses.


Flooding the atomizer or mere moisture produces the gurgling sound, one which is unpleasant to listen to especially when you are vaping in public places. To ensure that your e-cigarette operates quietly and smoothly, get rid of the excess e-liquid or moisture that may have accumulated in the atomizer. You can successfully eliminate the gurgling sound by taking a soft cloth or tissue and pat the inside of the atomizer gently. Once that’s done, blow on the end where the battery and atomizer connects.


Remember not to blow too hard as this action may cause the fibers to detach from the atomizer. You may need to wait for a few hours before you can use the e-cig again. Place the atomizer upside down on a dry toilet paper. You will notice that e-liquid that has accumulated inside the atomizer will leak out and form at the tissue’s surface. After a few hours or leaving the atomizer overnight, you may now assemble the parts again and place a few drops directly onto the atomizer. Check if the gurgling sounds persist. If so, you may need to replace the cartomizer or atomizer.


• Old atomizer

If you have been using your atomizer for a month or two, you will notice that the flavor and vapor that it produces is not as smooth and rich anymore. One thing that will increase overtime is the disturbing sound that it produces. You need to understand that regardless of brand, you will need to replace the atomizer after a prescribed period of time. Experts recommend that atomizers, regardless of how well they are maintained, needs to replaced after a month of use. Cleaning the atomizer thoroughly or taking the components apart will only decrease its performance and render it useless once reassembled for use. Cartomizers and atomizers are relatively inexpensive when you buy them in bulk. Invest in high-quality atomizers to ensure optimum performance with minimal to no hassles at all.


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