The E-Cigarette In Stores: 6 Common Sources

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The E-Cigarette in stores is mostly the result of the increased demand and popularity of the device. In fact, according to the Associated Press, it is estimated that about 2.5 million Americans are now using E-Cigarette products instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes. This means that this device is no longer confined as an online phenomenon, but has crossed over to conventional stores to compete with the tobacco industry. This means that there is no longer a need to go online and search for affiliates to be able to buy E-Cigarette products.


The presence of E-Cigarette products in conventional stores is an indication that the device is coming to the mainstream. This is likewise the reason why many manufacturers are beginning to license franchises for the selling of E-Cigarette products in many store chains across the country. Vapers however should be aware that just because you find the E-Cigarette in stores, it does not necessarily mean that it should be your first choice. This is because there are still more brands that can be found online that provide more value for your money. Here are the common sources of E-Cigarette products.



• Wal-Mart

Although known for its competitive pricing of consumer products, the E-Cigarette products being sold in this store may cost a bit higher than what can be found on the Internet. There is no question that there are also more products available on the Internet and with higher quality. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying the E-Cigarette in stores, especially if the vaper has suddenly run out and waiting for the arrival of an online order is simply out of the question.


The availability of E-Cigarette products in Wal-Mart began as early as April of 2012, which is considerably late compared to other convenience stores across the country. It is important for vapers to understand that Wal-Mart is not carrying all the types of E-Cigarette products in their store. Vapers will only be able to buy the Express Kit and not the Premium Kit, which is definitely of higher quality and possess more value for the money.


The Express Kit has a battery, USB charger, and refill cartridge. The cost is slightly lower than what is being offered online, but can still be a bit higher than what is being charged by other merchants. Vapers also need to consider the cost of refill when they begin to contemplate buying E-Cigarette products from conventional stores.


• Walgreens

Another favorite and popular conventional store that carries E-Cigarette products is Walgreens, where the most identifiable brand you can find is the Blu E-Cigarette. Vapers who go to the store will be able to purchase the disposable version of the E-Cigarette brand at comparatively affordable prices. There are also some starter kits made available in the store for vapers to give them an option of what to buy.


Vapers are highly advised though to invest on full starter kits rather than using disposable E-Cigarette products for the long-term. This is because there are no real savings that can be gained from disposables as compared to buying traditional tobacco cigarettes. In fact, using disposables does not pose any advantage because none of the parts are reusable.


• CVS and Long’s Drugs

Tracing the presence of the E-Cigarette in stores, this conventional store began offering the products since 2009. Until 2011, the NJOY E-Cigarette brand can still be found in CVS and Long’s Drugs stores. Ironic as it may be, the products are placed in the smoking cessation area even if E-Cigarette brands are always marketed as alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes and not as cessation devices.


It is important to take note of this because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has never authorized E-Cigarette products to be advertised as smoking cessation devices. This means there is a possibility that this conventional store may have to change its marketing strategy; otherwise, they may be sanctioned by the FDA.


• 7-Eleven

As one of the more popular convenience stores not only in the United States, but around the world as well, it has been cited to carry the XHale O2 E-Cigarette brand. Although this conventional store has been known for its relatively higher prices, the E-Cigarette they sell is reasonably priced. This type of E-Cigarette brand makes use of cartridges instead of the newer cartomizer technology, which is known for improved performance of the device.


The kit being carried by 7-Eleven already has a battery, atomizer, USB charger, carrying case, and four disposable cartridges. Refill cartridges are likewise sold in the store in packs of ten, which is comparatively higher priced compared to what is being sold online. Majority of convenience stores now opt to sell E-Cigarette brands that make use of cartomizer technology because not only are they more marketable, but they are also known to work better.


• Meijer

There is no doubt that among the E-Cigarette brands in the market, Blu is one of the more aggressive in placing their products in conventional stores and making them more accessible to the public. As one of the E-Cigarette in stores, it has been sold in Meijer stores in the Midwest from 2011. The company however mentions in a press release the selling of disposable E-Cigarette products and nothing about full starter kits.


This however does not mean that there are no full starter kits and refill cartomizers of Blu being sold in Meijer locations. Vapers in the area of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois will be able to buy their E-Cigarette products from majority of Meijer stores in the area. This gives them more access and alternatives when looking for E-Cigarette products.


• H-E-B

Blu announced in a recent press release that they are also offering their products to various H-E-B stores in Mexico and Texas. This means that the E-Cigarette brand and products can be bought by vapers in approximately 329 locations. This will definitely give Blu a bigger share of the market by making it easier for their loyal customers to purchase any of the Blu products.


The move to make the E-Cigarette in stores easily accessible is something that will eventually help the E-Cigarette industry to take control of the market over the traditional tobacco cigarette.

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