EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit- Who Is It For?

Basic Starter Kit

The EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit brings along a new technology, which allows people to get a great 2-part electronic cigarette that mainly includes a cartridge and atomizer. The cartridge and atomizer filters are the only ones that can deliver a really satisfying smoking experience.

But, although this e-cig is a great product, it might not be suitable for you. In order to understand why, you should know that there are numerous electronic cigarettes that you can find around. Most of them come along with specific features that can make them appropriate for some individuals and completely inappropriate for others. This thing indirectly means that choosing the best e-cigarette kit for you pretty much depends on your own preferences.

A Few Important Details That You Should Know about EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

In order to decide whether this starter kit is appropriate for you or not, it is essential to know that it comes along with a few essential components, such as users manual, 5 nicotine cartridges, one USB charger, one portable wall charger, and one standard battery. This kit is the most basic product that this company provides. The kit was especially engineered for the smokers who want to try an e-cigarette for the very first time.

Because the kit only contains one battery that cannot be used while recharging, this e-cig is appropriate for newbies. Considering this aspect, heavy smokers should opt for other EverSmoke kits. Therefore, EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit is a great product especially for those people who do not know whether this type of smoking is for them or not. Today, you can find this kit available for $59.99 from $79.99.

Using the Basic Starter Kit from EverSmoke

Knowing exactly how to use this kit is very important if you want to get the best out of your investment. Thus, the very first thing that you should do as soon as you get this kit is to unpack its components. After unpacking the components, you must fully recharge the battery before attempting to use this cigarette. After the batter is fully charged, you should screw the cartridge without over tightening it. As soon as you complete this operation, you can start using the cigarette. Additionally, it is important to know that the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit may include two different battery types, such as manual and automatic batteries.

If you have manual batteries, you need to press the battery button in order to startup the atomization process. The automatic battery allows you to use the e-cigarette directly, without pressing any button. Once you start smoking, the atomization process begins by itself. In both cases, a LED indicator shows that your e-cig is functional. When the vapor decreases and the LED indicator start flashing, you must recharge your battery.

You should not use this e-cigarette for more than 16 deep puffs at once. After 16 puffs, you must stop using this cigarette for about 30 minutes. As well, you should hold the electronic cig horizontally. This thing can help you to avoid wasting the liquid from the cartridge. Now, as you know all these things about the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit, you should order this product in order to decide whether e-smoking is for you or not.

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