Smoking is possible anywhere with Lava Tube E cig

| 2013/05/06
Smoking is possible anywhere with Lava Tube e cig. Volcano e cigarettes launched Lava tube and it is not only the size that made it popular among other brands, but it has also gained popularity because of its two most important features – variable voltage and adjustable vapour kits. It has sleek design with accessories options, which make them the finest e cigarette. Volcano LavaTube has become one of the leading e-cigarettes in the world of electronic cigarettes. It is also the largest e- cigarette launched by VolacanoeCig.
With impressive shape, color plus different technical aspects Volcano LavaTube can create a mark inside the marketplace. It has moreover become an perfect choice for beginners in addition to experienced vapers. You are able to purchase Volcano LavaTube from the VolcanoeCigs website because they have the rights to market this ecig.
Lava tube Features
Activation button
Voltage up plus down button
LCD screen flashing the status of active voltage
Power button
510 connection (threaded)
Aluminium Body

Volcano LavaTube Technical Specification
Power switch with On/Off center You are able to merely hold the device switch to turn it on plus hold it again for limited seconds to turn it off.
Regulated output, that helps you to keep the same voltage for every puff, irrespective the status of the power energy.
If you hold the activation switch for over 10 seconds the Volcano LavaTube automatically shuts off till we release the switch. This task occurs to avoid both the atomizer as well as the device from getting overheated.
Reverse power security assists inside safeguarding the power just in case the power is inserted inside the device backwards.
Battery Monitoring The device monitors the voltage of the power plus it turns off automatically to avoid the power from depleting.
Voltage Meter- The Volcano LavaTube has an inbuilt voltage meter. You are able to press the red (power) switch 7 instances plus it usually show the power voltage. This can aid we judge the remaining energy of the power.
Ampere Limitations The device may shut down when it monitors excessive active coming inside.
Vent hole is offered at the bottom of the Lava tube for more protection.
Volcano LavaTube A Brief Review
Volcano LavaTube has been made with varying voltage ranging from 3v to 6V, that assists inside keeping the same voltage with every puff. If the power drains, the cigs may keep voltage consistently. It assists inside producing more vapour consistently than any alternative volcano product. And the high vapour creation provides consumers the maximum reassurance of real smoking.
With its size you might think which Lava tube is heavier, however, it really is completely lightweight plus comfortable to hold. You are able to take pleasure in the adjustable vapour kits to receive the throat hit plus keep the degrees of vaping because we wish those to. We receive 1 year guarantee with Volcano LavaTube about production problems. Volcano LavaTube is the biggest e-cigarette virtually twice the power capability because which of Inferno power. You are able to work this device without changing the power due to its varying voltage feature.
We usually definitely enjoy all of the advanced attributes present inside this device. The advanced technical attributes included inside Volcano LavaTube makes it more appealing. You are able to merely see the chosen voltage with LED. We dont should struggle with selections because everything is controlled by force switch. You are able to furthermore lock the voltage selection with +and buttons. The unique attributes included to safeguard the device from getting ruined by rogue hardware are amazing. The protection technical attributes assist the device from overloading force. The device is value ordering due to its appealing cost, regulated force output, appealing shape, plus adjustable voltage settings, simple energy switch operations plus convenient handling. The technical attributes assist inside safeguarding a device from any damage. We usually moreover receive great customer help to support we with the issues. rapidly shipping equally enhance the recognition of the e cig. This device has everything a newcomer or experienced smoker is lookin out for. This device offers we improved performance, dependability plus portability without any problems. Should you are prepared to stop smoking, this device is will assist we achieve the objective without any problems.
The device is light fat plus you are able to carry it well. Finishing of the Volcano LavaTube device is furthermore great plus has no problems. The series of function buttons plus 1 force switch better its easy-to-use feature. The surgery is very easy plus functions about mixture of specified presses. The device is accessible at a fair cost plus we wont regret ordering this product because it’s value purchasing. Should you are ready to purchase Volcano LavaTube there are it at fair cost from VolcanoeCigs website plus together with the Lava tube we equally receive carry case for Lava tube plus different accessories like lava tube atomizers, drip secrets, eCig chargers, cartomizers plus US created flavoured e-juice.
To conclude it may be mentioned which Lava tube e cigarette is the many affordable tube fashion device introduced by VolcanoeCigs. The Volcano LavaTube is obtainable in both stand alone device plus starter kit formatting. This really is the many fashionable plus light fat e-cigarette. The black variation of lava tube with flat black color is textured as well as the consistency assists we receive a superior hold about a device. The switch is prepared from good plastic.
So you are able to program to leave those conventional cigars by flipping about for this good plus contemporary e cig from Volcano. To get more details plus learn more about this e cig and also the brand, you are able to see the brands webpage.

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