Personal Vaporizer – A Fancy Word For E Cig?

| 2013/05/15

Personal Vaporizer – Get the Basics Right before Choosing


If you have been in touch with the electronic cigarette market, you must have come across the term, ‘Personal Vaporizer’ or PV. To be very true, PV is almost alternatively used to refer to electronic cigarettes. Do you know why? This is because an e cig simply vaporizes the e liquid solution to produce smokeless smoke and allows personalization by making one choose from a variety of color, sizes, flavors, and nicotine strengths. The fact is that a personal vaporizer is a fancy name given to an e cig. You can apply this term to any kind of e cig, right from a mini style to thicker style cigarettes that use huge batteries and offer high vapor quality. In this article, you will come to know about all vital things involved in personal vaporizers so that you can buy the most suitable piece from all the varieties.


The Types of Personal Vaporizers


This is the most important aspect that you should know when it comes to choosing a PV. This is because if you do not know the different types, you might end up buying a least suitable one. Well, the two main types are KR808D and 510 models.


• KR808D: Of the two, the former ones would actually be the most seen type on the Web in the form of classic mini e cigs.


• Eligibility: As a matter of fact, these models are ideal for beginners or for those who desire to imitate the typical tobacco smoking experience. A KR808D personal vaporizer usually has a tobacco cigarette-like appearance that attracts many smokers who wish to become vapers.


• Customization: To meet the varying preferences of diverse users, these models are available in all types of sizes and colors. Above all, they facilitate the vapers to personalize the personal vaporizer or e cig by choosing different flavors and nicotine strengths.


• Design: Typically, the KR808D models have a two-piece design – disposable cartomizer and battery. The cartomizers can either be empty or pre-filled. However, it does not mean that you will be able to refill each empty carto forever because it has a limited span of life. This is evident when it gets burned or completely stops producing vaporizer.


• Ease of Use: Because of the two-piece design, there are no maintenance or liquid leakage issues.



• 510: These models stepped into the market with the Joye 510 eGo that had a bigger battery than the battery seen in the above model.


• Eligibility: These models are meant for those who already have experience of vaping although even the beginners can try them out, provided they stick to the instructions. This is because these models need much careful handling and good maintenance.


• Design: Rather than cartos, the 510 models contain a tank system although cartos can still be used. This tank is directly filled with the opted e liquid. This means that there is no fibrous poly-fill, something that the cartos have as a wick to hold the liquid. As a result, one vaporizes the liquid straight rather than also drawing on a poly-fill. This has certainly become the latest trend in the vaping community. Due to the tank model, the design is composed of three pieces instead of two, thus, separating the atomizer and cartridge.


• Issues: There is one issue that the 510 models are not ideal for continuous vaping unless you do not maintain it heavily. That is why all those who use these models clean the atomizer each day. However, this issue is now not there due to the introduction of a streamlined process.


What Kind of Batteries Can You Expect?


Typically, the battery sizes are available in the range of 2 5/8 inches (miniature) to the 3 1/4 inch (longer and longer lasting) in KR808D models. The former is the choice of those who prefer to keep the device in their pockets, while the latter is the choice of those who prefer a longer lasting battery. Whenever it is the matter of selecting batteries, you actually have only two factors to consider – longevity and power.


Longevity needs to be interpreted in terms of per charge as well as lifetime durability. On the other hand, for battery quality, it is vital to know how long a specific battery can support a charge (power). The power of a battery is measured in mAH. Unlike in the past when batteries used to die in the middle of a night, the present time has witnessed a pour of long lasting options, for 510 and KR808D models.


Of the two, it must be known that a 510 battery lasts for a long time and that its power in mAH can be anywhere between 600 and 1,000. On the other hand, a KR808D personal vaporizer battery usually has a power of around 280mAH that does not promise to last whole day without a recharge. In this case, you will have to utilize a Personal Charging Case (PCC).


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