E-Cigarette Problems

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It is undeniable that the electronic cigarette was successful in changing the lives of ex-smokers for the better. Known to be the more favorable alternative to traditional smoking, the invention of the electronic cigarettes paved the way to a more pleasant lifestyle for millions of people.

E Cigs While Wonderful Do Cause Some Common Problems For Their Users

Vaping is now a hobby and interest which ex-smokers have picked up on as well. Although currently unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration, advocates of electronic cigarettes believe that their new found habit of vaping have enabled them to lead better lives.

Amidst all the benefits and advantages that electronic cigarettes are placing on the table, there are still groups and individuals that speculate its effectiveness and level of safety. Since the electronic cigarette just came out a little over eight years ago, there are still flaws in its design and function, both of which need to be addressed by manufacturers. Fortunately, these e-cigarette problems can be treated with little know-how and minimal skills. When it comes to the efficacy and safety as a smoking cessation product, controversies are hanging for now. Ongoing studies are geared towards proving that electronic cigarettes are far safer to use than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Here are common e-cigarette problems that most vapers encounter when using their trusty smoking gadget:

  • Battery

The battery naturally powers the other components of the electronic cigarette. A non-functioning battery will basically render the e-cig useless. When purchasing e-cigarettes, make sure that the battery can handle long hours of vaping. If not, there are heavy-duty batteries that you can purchase separately from the manufacturer. Some of the most common forms of battery problems that e-cig users encounter are the following:

–        Battery does not charge for too long

–        Battery flashing rapidly, slowly, or not at all

–        LED at the tip of the battery does not light up

–        Battery activating on its own

In these cases, all an e-cig user needs to do is replace the battery altogether. It’s also ideal to check the charger to make sure that they are in proper working condition as well.

One should also bear in mind that batteries do have an end-life. This means that the battery will eventually become defective and non-functional after a designated number of charges. Standard lithium ion batteries are only functional from the first use up to 300 charges. It is recommended to replace batteries after the indicated maximum number of usage.

  • Atomizer

The atomizer is the e-cig component which basically heats up the liquid nicotine found in the cartridge section of the device. There are also cartomizers which combine the function of both cartridge and atomizer. Reputable companies make sure that the design of their atomizers and cartomizers ensure hassle-free use. However, there will be instances when users may experience problems with these components as well:

–        Overheating atomizer

–        Atomizer does not produce substantial amount of vapor

–        Atomizer remains cold and does not produce any vapor

–        Plastic burnt taste when taking a puff

These problems can be fixed right away by simply troubleshooting tips such as the following:

–        When atomizers overheat, you first need to check the e-liquid inside the atomizer. Most times, atomizers overheat because its center is dry. Place two to three drops of liquid nicotine at the center to cool it down and for it to produce vapor.

–        If your atomizer remains cold and does not produce any vapor, check the inside of the atomizer. You will find that you have overfilled the atomizer. In this case, all you need to do is lessen the amount of liquid inside. Gently blow through the battery connector to release the excess e-liquid from the atomizer.

–        If your battery is in good condition, but the e-cig is still unable to produce vapor you may have to replace the atomizer altogether. The atomizer eventually burns out after some time and will need to be replaced right away. There are also instances when all that you need to do is check the connection between the battery and atomizer. If they are not properly connected, the device will not work and produce vapor. If you are still unable to properly attach the two components together, you may need to ditch the entire device and purchase a new one instead.

–        If you detect a burnt and dry taste when taking a puff, it may be ideal to retire your device and get a new electronic cigarette. The burnt taste may be due to the fact that you have used the e-e-cig for a long period of time already.


  • Cartridge

To ensure the longevity of your atomizer or cartomizer, make sure to top off the cartridge with e-liquid often. It is not ideal for the cartridge to remain dry as this practice will eventually burn the fibers found at the center of the container. Broken down or discolored fibers is a clear signal that your atomizer or cartridge needs to be replaced right away.

When you taste and feel the e-liquid in your lips when you puff, this means that you are drawing way too hard. In addition, you may also have overfilled the cartridge with liquid nicotine. This combination will make it very difficult for you to enjoy vaping. Wipe the excess liquid off ad make sure to draw nice and slowly with every puff.

If all these measures are followed and your electronic cigarette still experiences the same sets of problems, it is best to check in with the manufacturer or better yet replace the e-cig if you have been using the device for a long period of time.