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There are a myriad of benefits when you make the switch from traditional tobacco smoking to e-cigarette use. In essence, the use of electronic cigarette is a better alternative since you will ultimately cut down tobacco consumption. Numerous studies have established the dangers of tobacco on the long haul. In addition, chemicals that are by-products of tobacco breakdown are found to be carcinogens. Quitting tobacco smoking and starting the habit of vaping will substantially decrease your risk to developing lung cancer and other deadly respiratory diseases.



In excitement, you will find yourself looking for e-cigarette products online. You will most likely chance upon numerous companies that will offer you e-cigarette free trial packs. Who wouldn’t want free stuff, right? In this case, you will be entitled to a device which can help you in your struggle against smoking for free. But as they say, nothing in this world is free. E-cig free trial scams are abundant in the Internet. Instead of freebies, you are eventually forced into paying for the items on the long haul. Unfortunately, these schemes are being practiced by majority of e-cig manufacturers online. Honesty isn’t a strong suit, especially when selling hot items that are known to be in great demand among millions of consumers nowadays. Here are some common marketing scams that you will find online. It is best to be informed of these scams prior to trying out any electronic cigarette in the market. In this way, you will avoid getting unnecessary fees and expensive recurring expenses on the long term.

• Free E-cig starter kits

Who wouldn’t be excited with a free e-cig trial kit in the mail? Instead of paying upfront, you are entitled to a [WPMSHOT key=”free electronic cigarette” url=”http://smokelesscigarettesreviews.org/e-cigarette-free-trial-scam/”] device without having to pay for the product, shipping, and delivery. But after a limited time, you will find that your credit card was debited quite expensively for charges by the electronic cigarette company. This is the usual modus operandi of most companies that sell e-cigarettes. To attract customers, they will trick you into believing that you can try their product for free, but for a limited time only. The usual trial period is fourteen days. You would think that this is enough time for you to make an informed decision if you would like to make the switch to e-cig and buy from the company who delivered you their free starter kits. That is where most consumers get burned. Most potential consumers will be able to receive their starter kits after 14 days. In this case, consumers have already been billed for the product and recurring cartridge deliveries too. In order to avoid this, read the fine print and make sure that all time frames and conditions are discussed before you agree on taking up their free trial offer.


• Low-quality e-cigarettes

There are also e-cig companies that are true to their words when it comes to free starter kits. The only problem with their products is that they are defective. Some of the starter kits that they distribute are those that have been returned by customers as well. After a couple of vaping sessions, the battery simply stops working or problems of leakages and non-operating atomizers are reported by those who receive trial starter kits in the mail. Instead of encouraging more people to make the switch, they are more inclined to continue tobacco smoking due to the low satisfaction rate.

• Recurrent fees charged to your account

There are also companies that truly give out free starter kits, but in return they will burn you with soaring high recurrent fees for cartridges and e-liquids. This is an unethical practice that a lot of e-cig distributors commit when introducing their products to new clients. Banks are unwilling cooperate with consumers in these cases as the recurrent payments have already been automatically placed on accounts. Electronic cigarette companies are unwilling to change the payment arrangements and are most often unreachable when it comes to these cases. Customers need to go through the hassle of canceling their credit card account or debit card just so the monthly payments to the e-cig company stop altogether. In order to avoid this irritating dilemma, it’s always best to read the fine print regarding recurring payments for cartridges and e-liquids. If possible, do not subscribe to companies that sell cartridges instead of cartomizers, as the former are inexpensive and are known to be less efficient in producing quality vapor and flavor.

• Slanted or false statements regarding exclusivity, safety, etc.

Although electronic cigarettes are widely known to be far better alternative to traditional cigarettes, no report from the US Food and Drug Administration was ever released that identifies e-cig as a smoking cessation device. Despite this, the FDA has categorized electronic cigarettes as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). Their studies provided them with adequate information that no harm or danger was connected to daily use of electronic cigarettes.
No US patent exists for electronic cigarettes. This is due to the fact that the original patent for the three-piece and even the two-piece electronic cigarette design were awarded to an international company instead. There are companies claiming to have original patents for their electronic cigarettes to boost sales and increase popularity. Although most electronic cigarettes in the market are manufactured in the United States, the design is solely adapted from the original e-cig design from China.
Do not be fooled by these Free electronic cigarette scams. Instead of falling for these marketing schemes and losing money in the process, it is still best to buy a premium starter kit from reputable companies. In this way, you will be able to make a smart and informed decision if vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes is the best for you!

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