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There is no question that the battery serves as the main power source for any electronic cigarette, which means that understanding the E-Cigarette battery mAh can be extremely helpful in determining the actual number of puffsvapers can get out of a full charge. Normally, batterypower is measured by two distinct parts, the voltage (V) and the milliampere-hour (mAh) rating. The volt describes how a current of one ampere will be able to flow through a conducting agent that has a resistance of one ohm.


Ampere or amp on the other hand references the steady current that is produced by a single volt that is acting through a one ohmresistance. This means that ampere-hour is the steady current defined by an ampere over a period of one hour, and milliampere-hour (mAh) is 1/1000 of the ampere-hourrating. Considering that batterylife is considered as one of the more essential determining factors in the usage of electronic cigarettes, it is vital for vapers to understand E-Cigarette battery mAh ratings through the following steps:


  1. Finding the Amps


Usually, more batterylife translates to more freedom to use the electronic cigarette virtually anywhere the vaper wants to. This means not having to deal with running out of batterycharge or having to change batteriesmidstream. There is no doubt that every vaper would want to have a satisfyingvaping experience anytime they want and anywhere they want. This only becomes possible if the battery holds up to the actual usage of the vaper.


The first step in determining just how many puffs you can get away with in a single full charge; you must understand how to determine the amps to get to the E-Cigarette battery mAh. Every vaper will see that when shopping for electronic cigarettes, batteries are commonly described in the specifications using the mAhvalue. Many vapers will assume that the higher the mAh, the better the battery is without actually taking the time to understand the implications.


The key is to understand how the mAhrating of electronic cigarettebatteries would translate to the actual usage of vapers. The vaper must be aware just how much amps the cartomizer or atomizer along with the battery draws. For example, vapers who are using 2.5 ohmatomizers with 3.7 voltbatteries will normally draw 1.48 amps. This value would hold true for majority of electronic cigarettebrands in the market today.


Using a different voltagebattery or perhaps an attachment that makes use of a different resistancelevel will have significant impact on the ampsvalue of the electronic cigarette. For easier calculation, vapers are urged to use the Ohm’s Law Calculator to get the appropriate amps for their specific combination. They must remember that the value they get will be in amps which means it has to be multiplied by a thousand to get the milliamps equivalent.


It is vital to take note that the resistance of majority of atomizers and cartomizers currently being sold by the electronic cigaretteindustry would vary by a value of 0.2 ohms in any direction. It is equally important to note that the voltage of the electronic cigarettebattery slowly degrades as it is being used. The number of puffs that vapers arrive at will not be exact, but based on the mAhrating, the value can be quite realistically close to the actual usage.


  1. The Battery Life Calculator


After successfully getting the mAhrating for the electronic cigarettebattery being used, the next step is to use the BatteryLifeCalculator. Enter the value in the BatteryLifeCalculator along with the 1480 value for the field requiring the consumption ofdevice. The value provided by the Ohm’s Law Calculator may also be used as a significant reference for the mAhvalue of the electronic cigarettebattery.


When the values have been placed, simply click on calculate to get the result for the expected batterylife. The value will normally be represented in hours. It is important for vapers to be aware that the accuracy of the result will depend mostly on the mAhratingvalue of the electronic cigarettebattery being tested. If the E-Cigarette battery mAhratingvalue is wrong, then definitely, the succeeding results will automatically be faulty.


The resulting value of the life of the electronic cigarettebattery in hours should be a significantly small number like 0.132 for example. This means that if large values are received, there is something exceptionally wrong with the previous computations you have made. The hours value must be multiplied by 3600, which represents the number of seconds in one hour.


This will give vapers an idea of just how many seconds they can take with every puff that they make on the battery. An electronic cigarettebattery that has a rated capacity of 280 mAh should come up with the result of 475 seconds. Anything that deviates from that is an error in previous computations.


  1. The Final Figure


Once all these figures have been sorted out and presumed to be correct, they can now be put together to come up with the desired results. Vapers should be aware just how many seconds their puffs last on the average. This is important because the number of seconds that you received based on the mAhrating of the electronic cigarettebattery must be divided by the average length, in seconds, of the puff of the vaper.


Taking the previous example of using an electronic cigarettebattery that has a 280 mAhrating, this resulted in 475 seconds of estimatedbatterylife for every full charge. If the vaper has an average of 3-second long puff, the expected number of puffs that can be generated from that fully charged battery would be approximately 158 puffs.


It is important to point out that this value based on the E-Cigarette battery mAh is only estimated because of two important reasons. First is that the voltage of the battery will inevitably drop during usage, and second, the durationandintensity of the puff varies considerably among vapers.


Understanding these steps will help all vapers to effectively gauge the effective number of puffs they can receive based on the E-Cigarette battery mAhrating.

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