EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit- Who Is It For?

Basic Starter Kit

The EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit brings along a new technology, which allows people to get a great 2-part electronic cigarette that mainly includes a cartridge and atomizer. The cartridge and atomizer filters are the only ones that can deliver a really satisfying smoking experience.

But, although this e-cig is a great product, it might not be suitable for you. In order to understand why, you should know that there are numerous electronic cigarettes that you can find around. Most of them come along with specific features that can make them appropriate for some individuals and completely inappropriate for others. This thing indirectly means that choosing the best e-cigarette kit for you pretty much depends on your own preferences.

A Few Important Details That You Should Know about EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

In order to decide whether this starter kit is appropriate for you or not, it is essential to know that it comes along with a few essential components, such as users manual, 5 nicotine cartridges, one USB charger, one portable wall charger, and one standard battery. This kit is the most basic product that this company provides. The kit was especially engineered for the smokers who want to try an e-cigarette for the very first time.

Because the kit only contains one battery that cannot be used while recharging, this e-cig is appropriate for newbies. Considering this aspect, heavy smokers should opt for other EverSmoke kits. Therefore, EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit is a great product especially for those people who do not know whether this type of smoking is for them or not. Today, you can find this kit available for $59.99 from $79.99.

Using the Basic Starter Kit from EverSmoke

Knowing exactly how to use this kit is very important if you want to get the best out of your investment. Thus, the very first thing that you should do as soon as you get this kit is to unpack its components. After unpacking the components, you must fully recharge the battery before attempting to use this cigarette. After the batter is fully charged, you should screw the cartridge without over tightening it. As soon as you complete this operation, you can start using the cigarette. Additionally, it is important to know that the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit may include two different battery types, such as manual and automatic batteries.

If you have manual batteries, you need to press the battery button in order to startup the atomization process. The automatic battery allows you to use the e-cigarette directly, without pressing any button. Once you start smoking, the atomization process begins by itself. In both cases, a LED indicator shows that your e-cig is functional. When the vapor decreases and the LED indicator start flashing, you must recharge your battery.

You should not use this e-cigarette for more than 16 deep puffs at once. After 16 puffs, you must stop using this cigarette for about 30 minutes. As well, you should hold the electronic cig horizontally. This thing can help you to avoid wasting the liquid from the cartridge. Now, as you know all these things about the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit, you should order this product in order to decide whether e-smoking is for you or not.

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V2 Cigs refill Revisited

A product review of V2 Cigs refill

Today we’re going to take a look at the V2 cigs refill ultimate kit which is a three battery kit, which consists of a USB adapter, wall charger, auto adapter, carrying case, portable charging case, USB pass through or power cig, and 25 cartomizers. This is one of the most comprehensive kits available on the web for 149.95. V2 cigs features the ability to customize flavors and strengths within your kit as well as the ability to customize batteries in three different sizes, colors, and automatic and manual options.


So let’s take a look at V2 products and see how they perform. Again we opted for both manual and automatic batteries in our kit. We’re going to test out the manual now. Again it’s KR8 threading which means that they are interchangeable with other manufacturers, and it is a two piece design which means the cartridge simply screws on, and this is an aluminum cartridge, not a plastic cartridge so it is very high quality. Let’s test their vapor production.

Excellent vapor production. Probably the best I’ve seen so far.

With 8 quality flavors, they all taste great. V2 also features the ability to custom order any flavor or strength combinations from their website. There’s a flavor out there you want you can actually have them custom make that for you. Also at 9.95 per 5 pack, there cartomizers are very reasonably priced.

V2’s one of the only brands that features better pricing when you order more quantity. In fact their 80 pack option brings the price per cartomizer down to one dollar and sixty eight cents. No other company we’ve reviewed can match that price. Let’s take a closer look at some of the v2 cigs accessories, including the portable charging case which you’ll notice looks a little different from the other packs we’ve looked at, which are more similar to a cigarette pack.

I like this one better because it’s thinner and fits in your pocket better.

The ultimate kit also comes with a power cig, which is a powered electronic cigarette that plugs directly into you PC. At five volts this thing produces unbelievable vapor. Let’s test it out to see how it performs. Amazing vapor. One of the best things about this is that it’s also compatible with the wall adapter which means you do not have to plug this directly into a PC.

You can plug it into your wall and its also compatible with the auto adapter which is my favorite thing because that means I can smoke on the go while I drive.

Another interesting thing about the V2 cig starter kit is it also features a unique customer referral program called, “smoke for free”. What they do is with your starter kit they send you out these cards which you can then pass out to friends and family.


They feature unique coupon code where anybody that you refer to V2 cigs will receive a fifteen percent discount on their starter kit and you receive a fifteen dollar credit.

V2 cigs also offers a lifetime warranty, much longer than most of the other brands we’ve reviewed. If you have any problems with the v2 cig product they’ll ship you out a replacement right away. They have excellent customer service available via an eight hundred number, email or live chat on their website.

And Interestingly enough, v2cigs is the only brand that lists the ingredients of their cartridges right on their website. And they also feature a lot of information about v2 cigs in general.

Overall, would I recommend v2 cigs? Yes.

The v2 ultimate kit is an excellent value and the most comprehensive offering for the price. With the best vapor production and the highest quality of all the brands we’ve tested. With automatic and manual battery options, a wide variety of accessories to choose from, and Kr8 threading that makes them compatible with other other brands. Additionally, you can’t beat a lifetime warranty. And with the unique ” smoke for free” program and customer referrals, you can get their already affordable cartridges for even less or even free. Will it help you quit smoking? Yes. I’ve tried every e- cig on the market and I use my v2 everyday and it’s helped me quit.

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying E-cigarettes

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying E-cigarettes

Interested In The Whole Buying E-cigarettes BUZZ and Wondering If It’s Just A Gimmick? … Come On, You Know You’re Curious!

(that is if you haven’t already taken the plunge and gone electric as I like to say)


lectronic cigarettes are an excellent alternative to traditional Buying E-cigarettes. These cigarettes were first introduced into the US in 2007 and have become increasing popular since then. Even though e-cigarettes are designed to look like a normal cigarette, they have several advantages over conventional tobacco cigarettes. Mentioned below are six things that you should know before purchasing your first e-cigarette.

1) No Tobacco: Yes, it is true! Electronic cigarettes are absolutely free of tobacco and thus they are not subject to laws pertaining to the sale and use of tobacco products – in the US and also in other countries. This means that one is not required to produce proof of age in order to buy e-cigarettes. However, it is important to note that these products are NOT indented for individuals who are less than 18 years old. Apart from tobacco, e-cigarettes are also devoid of tar and they do not produce the typical unpleasant odor that is associated with smoking.

2) No Smoke: Unlike a traditional cigarettes, an e-cigarette does not need to be ‘lit up’ using a matchstick or a lighter – it functions on a lithium battery instead. Since there is no fire involved, there is no smoke! Thus, you can use your e-cigarette in public places and even in places where smoking is banned! When the battery of an e-cigarette runs out of power, you can simply charge it just the way you charge your laptop or mobile phone. When you puff on an e-cigarette, the e-liquid within the cartridge vaporizes and enters the lungs – giving you your dose of nicotine minus the ill effects of the smoke. The number of carcinogens in an e-cigarette is also significantly lesser and thus they are a considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking.

3) Different flavors and nicotine levels: E-liquid cartridges with variable amounts of nicotine are available to suit everybody’s needs. You can even purchase cartridges which contain no nicotine at all! There are also a number of exciting flavors to choose from. Some of the most popular flavors are strawberry, chocolate, menthol and even tobacco.

4) Safety: There is a lot of controversy regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes and many experts have raised serious doubts on the matter. However, it is important to take into consideration that these products are manufactured by hundreds of different companies located all over the world. Not all manufacturers adhere to health and quality regulations. Since many manufacturing units are located in foreign countries, it is difficult for authorities to monitor and examine the production process. However, this does not indicate that all e-cigarettes which are produced outside the US have quality issues. To ensure that the product which you are buying is safe, do your research well and opt for a brand which has a good reputation in the market.

5) Only for adults: Young teenagers can find e-cigarettes fascinating and may be tempted to buy them. However, most manufacturers clearly state that their products should be used by adults only. Also, these cigarettes are intended as alternatives for people who already smoke. So if you are not a smoker, then it is strongly recommended that you refrain from buying and using e-cigarettes.

6) Where to buy? : E-cigarettes can be purchased in retail stores and also on the internet. Retailers offer limited variety and the products tend to be quite expensive. Buying online is the cheaper option and there are also more brands to choose from. Many good manufacturers actually prefer to sell their products via online distributors as this allows them to keep prices low. However, not all suppliers stock products; they place orders only when a purchase is made by a customer. Thus, the delivery periods can sometimes be a bit long. Also, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, then most manufacturers offer a money back guarantee on their product.

7) Save Money: Electronic cigarettes are way cheaper than tobacco cigarettes and thus enable you to save neat sums of money. Research indicates that upon switching over to e-cigarettes, heavy ‘smokers’ were able to save as much as 1200 dollars per year. Also, since the number of health risks associated with electronic cigarettes is considerable lesser, you end up saving even more money on medical bills!


There are countless benefits of giving up conventional ‘smoking’ and moving over to e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are cheaper, healthier, stylish and odorless. Also, since there is no actual ignition involved, there is no risk of fire accidents. E-cigarettes produce no smoke and hence you can use them everywhere – even in your office! If you start using to e-cigarettes, you will stop exposing your family and friends to passive smoke. Do you need a better reason to make the switch?