9 Vaping Tips & Tricks

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Get Greater Enjoyment from Vaping with Nine Tips and Tricks

Though technology has improved tremendously making the vaping experience much more enjoyable, there are still some tips and tricks that will help with throat hits and drags that will help a smoker to give up the tobacco cigarettes in preference to e-cigarettes. People who have been used to smoking heavily will have definite preferences that require using e-cigs more efficiently.

Satisfaction will only be realized when proper techniques are mastered. Vaping must be consistently enjoyable in order for a vaper to stay away from conventional tobacco smokes. Following certain tips will help get the most from the vaping experience and being able to overcome nicotine cravings.

    •    Priming in the beginning

Priming differs between manual and automatic batteries. With the automatic battery, several puffs must be taken before actually getting any vapor. This is because the coil must be preheated to get consistent vapor. With the manual batteries, it only takes a couple of puffs as primer puffs. This is because the manual button preheats the coil, and only a couple of puffs are required to normalize the vapor production. It takes to short puffs and one longer one to prime the manual battery.

    •    Proper filling

Overfilling the cartridge will cause clogging of the cartomizer of atomizer, resulting in either low vapor, or possible none at all. The heat of the coil pulls e-liquid into the tank by the wick. Too much means no vapor is produced. If the wick becomes oversaturated, there will be no vapor, just a gurgling sound when puffing. It is important to not overfill for the best vapor possible.


vaping tips and tricks

    •    Finding the best e-liquid

E-liquid is made with a base of ethylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). These carry the flavor and make the vapor. PG carries the flavor better, but VG produces the best vapor. So, for the most enjoyment of the vaping experience it is important to get a mixture of both. It is even possible to mix one’s own mixture to get the optimum vapor and flavor.

    •    Dripping

Atomizers and cartomizers contain filler material to help deliver flavor and vapor. However, this filler can hamper airflow, restricting vapor and flavor. Many users prefer hollow drip tips that they add e-liquid to and produces denser vapor and a stronger delivery of flavor.

    •    Low Resistance cartomizers and atomizers

Swapping the standard cartomizer or atomizer for a low resistance one results in a longer, stronger vaper for the same amount of wattage. This gives more satisfaction with each puff. These low resistance atomizers are becoming more available.

    •    The battery

Though batteries decrease as they age, the atomizer keeps the same resistance. This results in less wattage to produce the vapor. This leads to less satisfaction in vaping. The battery will need to be recharged or replaced to get back that satisfying vapor. Higher capacity batteries give better vapor quality.

    •    Made in the USA

There are a number of reasons to buy products made in the USA. It is, of course, patriotic. But, the quality has been proven to be better than with imported products. Also, when produced in the USA there are some reassurances of FDA inspections.

    •    Be consistent in switching

A big key to being successful in switching is to make the switch and not look back. Switching back and forth between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs will cause dissatisfaction and possibly the giving up of switching to the safer e-cigarette altogether.

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