Vape juice flavors with nicotine: Nic Salts

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Nicotine salt-based e-liquids are known to be very famous among vapers.  Nic salt e-liquids have become a top choice for vaper satisfaction due to their ability to give better result in the low power vape devices.

What are Nicotine Salts?

From the chemical point, these salts are very complicated, but from a basic point of view, it is the finest form of nicotine just like the tobacco that you get from a tobacco leaf. For various vapers, the nicotine salt vape juices are found more satisfying than other vape juices which contain the ‘freebase nicotine’, especially for the vapers who use the lower power devices like the pod mods. These vape devices are known to not evaporate as much e-liquid, and this is the reason why the nicotine content inside needs to be higher than ordinary vape juices. But note that these nicotine freebase vape juices can be quite harsh when vaped at high wattages. This may result in the vapers thinking that it might be not a good choice to go. Nic salt e-liquids give universal vaping experience. The amount of nicotine in these e-juices are known to be absorbed swiftly in your system, giving that instant feel hit you demand, and relate to the typical cigarettes. Nicotine salt e-liquids are very smooth, and this is why they do not feel as rough. They give a very pleasurable and soothing throat hit just like the high-quality tobacco cigarettes do. The Nic salt e-liquids are used extensively in low power pod mod devices. But if you have a device like a pen-shaped e-cigarette, then you can get your own nicotine salt e-liquids and fill them in your tanks or cartridges.

Vape juice flavors with nicotine

Vape juice flavors with nicotine

Mr. Salt-E Blood Orange Lemonade

The sweet blood oranges blended with a conventional tart lemonade burst which makes this vape juice a perfect balance of extremely rich flavors. It gives a very satisfying mouthfeel and a smooth throat hit that makes you keep on puffing throughout the day. It has a high nicotine content.

Solace Dragonthol

A cool and sturdy mix of delicious dragonfruit and a crisp of menthol combined together to chill out you in the summers. This vape juice keeps you cool throughout the summer. Having a smooth throat hit and a very cool exhale, this vape juice is the game changer thing in summers. If you need to refresh your mood, just go for it.

Mr. Salt-E Mint

As the name suggests this is a simple but straight-shooting sturdy mint flavor which gives you a real menthol inhaling experience. – as you might expect from smoking menthol cigarettes. This awesome vape juice is available in 25 and 45 mg/ml nicotine strengths, which is quite fine for those who use the pod mods for vaping

Naked 100 Salts Brain Freeze

Naked are famed for their crisp flavors, and this nicotine salt flavor version is one of their finest and famous vape juices. This is among the widespread vape juice flavors with nicotine. It is a mouthwatering blend of strawberry, pomegranate, kiwi, blended with a fresh, strong and cool menthol finish. These vape juices are available in 35 and 50 mg/ml nicotine strengths.

Solace Butterscotch

Solace e-liquids is best known for this e-liquid flavor. the butterscotch vape juice by Solace uses the nicotine salts and is inspired by the delicious flavors found in European bakeries. This vape juice is very rich and creamy, having a mix of caramel and a notable tobacco base.
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